17th Century Farmhouse

Phase 1

Phase 2

Nestled deep in the Usk Valley, this Grade II listed farmhouse was designed as a welcoming family retreat for a busy Cardiff professional. Inspired by the client’s antique furniture collection, and retaining the house’s beautiful period details, we subtly rejuvenated the space by incorporating key contemporary pieces. The original dark wood beams and latched oak doors are offset by the rustic yet romantic incorporation of patterned fabrics in vibrant reds and ambient blues. Symmetrically placed furniture and accessories create a sense of balance in a spontaneous, comfortable and intimate family home. Some years later, the client decided it was time for a design refresh. The interior was transformed through the introduction of a new colour scheme, the re-upholstery of existing pieces in contemporary fabrics, and the inclusion of modern art pieces with oversized ceramics. The same space was given an entirely different feel through a sophisticated blend of black and neutral tones, enlivened by bursts of citrus or green. 

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