Victorian Villa

One of Yvonne’s own homes, this project reflects her personal taste and the objects with which she chooses to surround herself and her family. The walls are lined with textured fabrics or painted in simple, natural tones to offset the eclectic mix of oversized modern pieces with 17th-century oak antiques. Victorian seating is adorned in printed velvets, giving it a contemporary twist, and mixed with gorgeous linens, wools and silks. The floors are natural wood, stone or marble, covered in sisal rugs for added texture. The harmonious blend of styles and materials gives the house a relaxed feel, making it a welcoming place for entertaining friends. As Yvonne says, “My home is always evolving as I discover new gems, which I have to include somewhere, somehow.” She collects artworks in the form of paintings and ceramics, which are casually placed throughout the house and share the walls with family photographs.

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